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I bought the first uncut subbed Naruto box set two months ago. I got into it slowly, but once they got into the Zabuza arc I was hooked. I downloaded the rest and watched up to episode 135 before the filler begins. I once watched 33 episodes in the span of two days along with Wings of Honneamise and two episodes of 2x2=Shinobuden(Ninja Nonsense). It was the first two days off I had after finishing the first Naruto box set and I did nothing but watch anime. That Chuunin Exam arc was too good for words. I plan on buying the rest of it when it comes out on dvd. I know I'm like the last person on Earth to discover Naruto. It's actually gotten me back into anime after a long break. Last thing I watched was Gantz a long time ago.
That's because Gantz is powerfully bad or uh..."different", enough so to turn away anime viewers.
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