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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
I won't exactly want to start any subs (flame)wars. But the preview isn't only the issue (though not important considering how spoilerish it is... wondering if Hauu~ will still include it) but also the subs themselves. (the Kejime makes almost NO SENSE...)
Hauu .ass file is available (quite late, but very nifty)

as for the "Gar", it means the manly adjective..."the man of the man", pure manliness ^^"
Spoiler for 2 origins of the words... saving space and offtopic:

it is... ugh.... 4:30AM... 2 hours and half late but...
meh here is the analysis of this episode
Episode 10 : Summary, Thoughts and random comments

Thank you for the heads up...
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