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Keiichi shows us his fighting spirit which he is so famous for. I am actually impressed by him a little bit more in this episode. You have to admit if your name has reached the ears of the Sonozakis then you are either in trouble or someone of interest. Keiichi shows us how certain groups keep power. Everyone is so scared of the Sonozakis no one dares oppose them. But look how they reacted to Keiichi it seemed rude but Shion/Mions mom thought it Chivalry. In sticking with what he believes is right Keiichi has managed to pull elders and just about everyone else to his cause. I cant think of a better example of one person can make a difference. In a way this seems the theme for arc as Rika has thrown all her trust into believing in Keiichi. Although i know better than to get my hopes with Higurashi Keiichi seems to be the key to it all as a person who was not raised in the Hinamizawa he maintains a kind of brashness or straight forwardness that gets things done hes a natural leader. I guess the next episode will be a deciding factor. But even if they save Satoko without violence Watanagashi festival is only 5 days away so they is still plenty of time for things to go horribly and bloody wrong.

With Oryo saying give Keiichi all the support he needs with anything i couldnt help but to think that the Sonozakis are going to try to marry of Mion to him. I can see it already but you have to admit having a MionXKeiichi rule of the Sonozakis might not be such a bad thing. And please let it be Mion we saw what happen when she didnt get the stuff animal god knows what would happen if ended up with Shion
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