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Originally Posted by kitedragon View Post
Wait, did Rika really call Oyashiro-sama a guy? I actually didn't notice...
The s/he issue isn't exactly easy to pick. Basically, in japanese, you are not forced to repeat the "subject", as it is already implied. She didn't use any word for oyashiro-sama after the first part of the sentence. The best idea is to repeat the same subject tought it is really redundant in same case.

Since oyashiro-sama was always known as "god" and not as a "goddess", it looks a bit more logic to use a "he". Also, by default, even if a deity doesn't have a gender, it is usually masculine in general for any language.
But Rika never implied Oyashiro is either a He or a She, but you can obviously see here that it is a she (if people still think hanyuu isn't oyashiro ^^")

as for the pairing... huh...
I believe RenaXKeiichi and MionxKeiichi are quite cute... try daybreak for this (still the former looks much more intense, if you compare Onikakushi/Tsumihoroboshi with Watanagashi/Meakashi (even if it is Shion ))
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