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Originally Posted by Sterling01 View Post
But Rika does use the boy "I" when she refers to herself as one of the TIPS points out
No, the thing i was talking about is oyashiro, and generally speaking, it is "clear" when you refer to someone as a s/he... but MUCH harder for things like a concept (even item, you have to know about the context as there is no "singular/plural" or whatsoever), while you have peculiar cases when girls use "boku" (but that... it is not that common ^^')
It is kinda very vulgar to refer girls with "aitsu/koitsu" IIRC
and Klashikari I agree with you about how the MionXK1 pairing seems much more intense in Watanagashi/Meakashi then RenaXK1 pairing in Onikakushi/Tsumihoroboshi but thats because the Mion feelings for K1 was what fulled the arcs
errr... you mistook my opinion, I sincerely believe the opposite (thus the former => RxK)
The thing is Keiichi does see Mion as a boy, and it is hard to say if it is something as intense as "love" when he was trying to help "Mion" (despite being shion )
that said, his interactions with Rena in both Onikakushi and Tsumihoroboshi are so cute it is almost criminal ^^" (the manga version of onikakushi is even more blatant XD)

that said, considering the added pairing for MxK in daybreak kai, you can tell Ryukishi doesn't confirm any of them. (much like for the real thing, in daybreak, i prefer RxK ^^")
at this rate, will we have a "romance thread"? huh... that looks too poor
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