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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Haha, thanks again ^^"

Ironically enough, managed to do another sig within a short span... I assume this is because of umineko inspiration

witch 34-tan! That was actually much more troublesome than bern signature because:
1) there are almost no good pic of her, and most are... not exactly suitable for a sig (I mean, freaky face or going to the bratty tsun mode XD)
2) I'm really not a pink lover

This time, the "planar realm" BG is a bit random in comparison with Bern's, though I wanted to give an impression of "oustanding presence", hence why Lambda has a glow and a very different blending mode compared to Bern.

Ah well, it was rather a headache as I would have preferred to remove her knee, but considering the source pic... maah >_>

Oh well, now... beato is left and I think it will be the most difficult one, gah.
"Considering the source pic...maa"


Klash you're sure in a hurry to finish this series of sigs huh

Personally I like the previous one better, but im a big fan for blue so im biased

I can see the point that this isnt the greatest of all renders for a sig like this, but it still fits in the sig pretty nicely so not much to complain about that
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