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Originally Posted by LeminLyme View Post
Humm...~ Your gallery is too extensive. Not to mention the entire first section is all text and links, i'm personally someone who doesn't want to click all the links~ Keep your gallery like your sigs, nice looking, simple, and eleagant.
I'm sorry, but the whole first part was meant to be the least important. In order to prevent people having a huge load time because I never used the "save for web" feature before, and considering how old they are, I preferred only the links of them, while the ones I recently did are accessible. Furthermore, the descriptions are, I believe, there so people can actually get an idea of some choices and such. And not like you are oblidged to read these as I put them in spoiler tags (especially that as in the first little note, I suggested people to skip spoiler tags if they don't feel like reading).
Well. Actually i'm gonna critisize you so don't take my previous comment to heart, i'm about to tear you down =( Sorry.
How nice, how nice. It sure feels very constructive in the way you say it.
Your signatures are all the same. I know how that comment stings, i got it from my brother a few times and he's just a wanksta foo' who knows nothing about graphics. But essentially, all your sigs are just dark, blurry, and or just a mixed up background.
I'm sorry, but I believe it is only a matter of style and habits.
Not to say you shouldn't use this style, it can be very effective, but your backgrounds lack flow, and most importantly, they don't compliment the render, they sorta just. Are there. =P Know what I'm saying? And alot of the best graphic artists tell me this as a main point.
Oh certainly. Sure, so I should use C4D narcissisticly and begin to make them look super flashy, or "selling" them?
Thanks but no thanks. My motto is to give a proper flow in term of original material, I dislike the fact I have to use artificial means to give a peculiar attention to renders, while I would rather prefer to keep a character within its known universe. That's all.

To be clear, I don't make these sigs for in order to make them eye candy. I do this so I can provide signatures that can be nice and fitting the characters, it isn't about all in looks, but composition and inspiration for my side. That's good for you if everything must be attractive and such, I, on the other hand, don't share such view, hence I believe it is irrelevant in a hobby where everyone have their own way to express their own tastes.

The mood is what I actually want to convey. I certainly don't try to pull a "wow" to the persons who are glancing at these.
Borders and text, make or break your signature. Your borders are nice and simple, which is good, but the text. Just. Please. Stop typing. =P the less words there are, the better it is. If your gonna have alot of words, make them small, blend them well, and please try your damndest to make sure they don't rob the render of attention.
Hou... so I must reduce the text size so they are impossible to read?
I'm sorry, but I believe that words can be as effective as any effect or render expression. As result, if they can be something that can pinpoint the mood for those who bother to give a glance to them, that isn't something I would ignore, especially as content isn't the only thing, but composition and font.

Hence, the text is not meant to be as part of the background, but something to be on its own. As result, blending them like crazy would rather defeat the purpose of description and additional detail. That would rather make them pointless and too discreet, though I don't think putting large and flashy text is any good either, hence why I don't abuse effects on them.
Even my text in my current sig is a little too stand out.
That's your only opinion.
But anyways, yah. Finally, get practicing on luminance if you REALLY wanna get it going well. While your sigs have lighting "effects" so to speak, like rays and sparkles, none, I mean none, have ambience or luminance. Meaning that it's the same as seeing a flashlight that doesn't make a beam, just a little light in the middle of nothing. =P I'm practicing this now, so i'm definately critsizing, not looking down on you, but take my sig for example again. Roxas looks sorta like he's under a large glowing yellow light, well the original render was a plain sketch coloured in =P If you find anything I said offensive to your work, i'm sorry, but this is like critical advice? =P
I certainly don't feel this way, so I would wholeheartedly suggest you to read again what you write (no, i'm not looking down on you, it is a critic), especially that I wouldn't exactly think as a real "critic" when you compare someone's work with something totally unrelated.

Speaking of luminance, I simply don't see the points of it considering how the signatures I have made so far are done, except few exceptions I worked on already: they simply wouldn't fit much considering the way I did them in a straightforward fashion. Though, as mentioned earlier, considering my view of composition, I wouldn't exactly feel like it.

That is basically trying to add pepper and salt to a dessert. I see what you mean by adding luminance, though I believe such point is absolutely not fitting the way how I did the signatures so far. That would most likely fit bastract and C4D type of signatures, which are far different from what I do. Completely different style.
Btw, how does a guy get a Graphics Artist title around here? =P
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