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Now you are really surprising me here . I honestly believe I was too much of a classic and stubborn one, so I thought you and some others, such like shana, would certainly give more attention to people like Sephi, you managed to use a fresher way... though I might be a bit on the left field, after how I don't exactly spend a lot of time on FC, for activities that seem rather excuses (promise, I will do more efforts for C&C).
Meh, I'm not one for unwarranted flattery. I enjoy classic and modern, there's value in both. Newer styles might be more "eye catching" but classics tend to be elegant...kind of like movies, no? I like to pull my influences from all places.

Don't feel so bad about visiting, a lot of us old timers seem to be busy as of late.

Shimatta... I'm sometimes way too overboard with these and borderline offtopic... speaking of which, I have to do that for the most recent "PINKU" signature, and I feel i might be too depressive
Offtopic? Bah it's your thread! It's as on topic as you want it to be. ^^ Just letting you know that some of us do like to read them.
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