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Wow, that was an awesome episode. This episode just did so many things right. I really love how Okabe didn't coincidently find a way to save Kurisu but he actually worked on it and suffered for 15 years before finding a way and then telling it to his past self.
Though I do wonder why he didn't come back himself and change the past.
You can't do that, the Attractor Field would most certainly guarantee that interfering would just give rise to another cause of death for Kurisu as in Mayuri's case. This is also why Okabe must experience the Alpha time line to understand how Attractor Field work to come up with the plan to save Kurisu.

As for the plan itself, how exactly does deceiving Okabe into thinking Kurisu died saves her when she is still alive? Does this mean that world only tries to stay true to the past according to the memories of the one attempting to change it? Since Okabe remembers Kurisu(and Mayuri in alpha timeline) dying, the attractor field recreates the future according to the past he remembers just to arrive at the same outcome?
This is exactly it. The logic is based on the Strodinger's Cat thought experiment for Quantum Mechanics, it's a good idea to read on it.
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