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What I find shameless in this mmo, is the blatant sexual lure for the male crowd. The very first thing you get to see in Tera is a a woman's butt poorly covered under a mini skirt. Then on the character creation screen the focus shifts to crotches, and some boobs as the camera is now really low looking up. The outfits and gear are very tight and cover very little skin, they want to make sure you can see the boobs and the crotch...

As a friend of mine said: "The character creation page felt like creating your own porn start".

And once you start playing the game, guess what? Most of the characters are females

Aside from this shameless stunt, the game has amazing graphics and the game play is fun and engaging. It could use some work on the music and questing department but all in all, it is a solid game. Too bad you have to pay a monthly sub though, as I have come to finally realize that subs are nothing else than an scam designed to milk players for their money.
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