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Questing department? I see everyone complain about questing in EVERY game out there yet no one can explain what is '' non-boring quest system ''. There's really only so much you can have variety with when it comes to quest. It's not a quest if it doesn't belong to save/kill/gather/deliver something part.

Music department? This game has the most epic OST I have heard in an MMO like, EVER. Don't let the starting area fool you, once you get to fight bosses and BAMs .. it's sick.

Scam? Sub? Are you sure we're talking about the same game? The only thing in world of MMO's is a scam is f2p games with pay2win items. A sub prevents that, plus it prevents most of the gold sellers, and you call it scam?

.. And don't even get me started on what you call '' shameless ''. Just suck it up and accept the fact that most MMO'ers are male and they DO rather stare at female ass when they play, rather than male ass, unless they're gay. I haven't seen anything '' slutty '' as you describe anyway, except the Elin armor when de-censored, but it's okay because they're lolis <3.

Originally Posted by Mow Yun View Post
I think I'm going to switch from Priest to Lancer and make Dragonfall my home on early start

No offense about Priest as its a fun class, but melee seems to be more intense than ranged classes. In closed beta, I liked Warrior, Lancer, and Slayer the best.
If you stick with our guild, you'll be loved <3. We don't have any lancers yet so it's kinda ._. when trying to organize guild only parties for instances and BAM's. Also character limit per server is 8 on headstart, so you don't have to delete Valari or anything. (Unless you want to reuse the name).

Kyero : That spider boss, Arakia or whatever it is called, is a world boss. It's not technically a BAM, it's larger and harder than that. It has a guild quest on it's head. Also it is not hard.. None of the bosses and BAM's are IF you have a good group and can time your dodges/blocks/teleports right. When you get to Sinestral Manor, the outside of that dungeon is infested with those gigantic spiders, although they're called Ovoliths.
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