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Yes, because you can judge the game from first 10 levels. It's bullshit that most people judge this game by it's lvl1-10 area '' This game sucks, nothing happens, combat is boring '' .. It gets better on 20+, and music does too. You're constantly fighting BAMs or doing instances where music is always present, and it IS awesome. Don't call it bland if you haven't even heard it.
I call the music bland because the little I got to see of it was. There is no way I could get to level 20+ in 3 days of beta. The combat is great, so don't misquote me on that.

You need to get off your cloud. You clearly don't have much experience with f2p games. I do, and MOST korean MMO's DO have game breaking items in cash shop. Don't speak if you don't know anything.
I do have experience with F2P games, most of NCsoft games are now F2P and most of all are MMOS. Lord of Rings is also F2P, and that game has experienced bigger profits since its convertion. I am not Korean, I am a westerner and I am sorry Korean mmos are exploiting their own players with item cash shops. None of the F2P games I play do something so shameless.

WoW also has free trial so it can't be used as a comparison. Gold sellers will use that to sell the gold, they don't need to buy the game. It's more likely for sub fees to guarantee good gameplay than for F2P cash shop. Anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they're talking about.
Did you watch the video?

Lastly, I love how you didn't reply to my question about quests. All you said is that you want more immersion. Yet you still fail to explain what would the quests have to do for them to achieve greater immersion and diversity. Everyone complains about quests but no one can explain what makes a great quest then.
You haven't heard of guild wars 2 yet? I thought you had.
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