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All he does is turn down what I say but doesn't care to elaborate. Just '' watch the video '' or .. Haven't you heard of GW2 ... I'm not interested in GW2, and I'm not going to play it. I don't care about the game, and I think it looks rubbish. It's combat is boring, and so on.. Do I need to continue? This is besides the point anyway, you're still not explaining it in your own words what should quests BE like to be -not- boring. Can't you do that? Then you don't even know what you yourself want.

Also the f2p games you mentioned are from NCSoft, which used to be p2p. This can't be used as an comparison. I am speaking about F2P games that were brought over to NA/EU. They were always f2p, and they always had a cash shop, and most korean f2p's DO have game breaking items. When they're brought over, they STILL have game breaking items. TERA wen't with p2p, just like NCSoft's Aion did, among other games. Eventually those games went f2p, perhaps TERA will too? You used to play NCSoft games means you've paid a sub for them, but they're not scams? But TERA is? What kind of argument is this?

All in all, I do not understand your argument how a subscription based game is a scam? The developers must make money.. Making a game isn't free. Hosting and running a game isn't free.. So why should playing be free? And yes, it DOES keep away gold sellers. I also never said anything about trolls and such, all I said is that if you have to buy a retail box it's less likely for gold sellers to appear especially because TERA doesn't offer trial to test out the game for free.

Also the way you judge the music is like you judge an anime. '' I watched the first episode, and it was boring. This series MUST suck ''. I see this a lot, and it's ridiculous. You can't judge a game or a series from when it starts off. And the combat thing was in general, there are a lot of people out there in various forums, including this, that say the game is boring.. And all they have done is play the starting area. The starting area is exactly that, learning the game. You're not supposed to be thrown into instances right at start ..

3 days of beta .. can't get 20+? I'm sure you have other life and stuff, but 1-10 take two hours, and 11-20 take 2-3 hours. If you can't spare five hours in a weekend to a MMO, it's clear already from this that sub based MMO's aren't for you. Calling them to a scam is another thing however, because that's not what they are. You do realize the game developers also need to make money? You may think GW2 is now awesome with not having subscription but once the developers realize their mistake because they thought this is a good marketing tactic, they'll insert a cash shop. Maybe first it'll start innocent with fashion, but eventually you'll see XP potions there and whatnot, eventually breaking the game.

The server costs and everything costs monthly. It's impossible to run and host a game if all you do is rely on the income from sold retail boxes. There's only so many boxes to be sold.. eventually the expenses cover the income.

Oh and by the way, TERA is also Korean. Actually the all succesful MMO's out there excluding WoW, SWTOR and LOTR are all Korean.
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