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Originally Posted by solace
That said, I don't get the complaining about the sexuality. The men in TERA aren't hypersexualized? They're all incredibly handsome, well built men (the kind you'd never see in real life). The elves all wear spandex and look like bishounen, chests half covered and perfect hair. The humans are "somewhat" normal, if only because while they are perfectly shaped they aren't as overdone as the other races. I can see people being uncomfortable with the Elin, with all of the social paranoia lately fearful of pedophiles around every corner, but otherwise none of the models are any more extreme than your average fantasy characters.
The men in Tera are well built and handsome but their assets aren't as blatantly exposed and marketed as the women's. It all comes down to the gear design and camera angles, which are all intended to make men who play the game sexually aroused.

As we all know sex sells, and this is no secret at all. The thing that I find disturbing in this society of ours is how we have turned women into sexual objects and almost forsaken their other qualities as human beings. This social aberration creates a gender inequality, which leads to a wide range of consequences, such as divorces, single mothers, suicides, anorexia and much, much more.

This subject is obviously too large and too complex, and obviously off topic, to cover in this thread. I might create a post in the general forums about it, I have been considering the idea for some time now.

Originally Posted by Dist View Post
All he does is turn down what I say but doesn't care to elaborate. Just '' watch the video '' or .. Haven't you heard of GW2 ... I'm not interested in GW2, and I'm not going to play it. I don't care about the game, and I think it looks rubbish. It's combat is boring, and so on.. Do I need to continue? This is besides the point anyway, you're still not explaining it in your own words what should quests BE like to be -not- boring. Can't you do that? Then you don't even know what you yourself want.
I don't need to explain how quests could be much better when the subject has been discussed to death in multiple places all over the web. Since you claim to be a very knowledgeable person in the MMO department I thought it was obvious that you knew what Guild Wars 2 is doing, and how it will revolutionize the MMO industry forever, regardless of whether it success or fails, its new approach to questing through dynamic events is enough to make all new MMOS reconsider their approach to story-line-driven online games. If you don't know about Guild Wars 2 then please look it up, I don't feel the need to beat the dead horse.

All in all, I do not understand your argument how a subscription based game is a scam? The developers must make money.. Making a game isn't free. Hosting and running a game isn't free.. So why should playing be free? And yes, it DOES keep away gold sellers. I also never said anything about trolls and such, all I said is that if you have to buy a retail box it's less likely for gold sellers to appear especially because TERA doesn't offer trial to test out the game for free.

The server costs and everything costs monthly. It's impossible to run and host a game if all you do is rely on the income from sold retail boxes. There's only so many boxes to be sold.. eventually the expenses cover the income.
The video I linked makes the most clear and concise explanation as to why the subscription method is outdated and is merely profit based. Subs were required in the late 90s when the internet was expanding and the new technology demanded companies to require sub fees in order to keep up with server costs. This is no longer the case, server costs are low, and games such as guild wars 1 and countless other online games demonstrated that they could remain profitable without asking players to fork out 15 dollars a month.

There are many ways to introduce revenue that are more ethical than sub fees, such as cosmetic changes or character slots.
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