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Originally Posted by Qilin View Post
That's what I said:

She already has all the basics in mind. She understands the philosophy and subtlety that gives meaning to the verses. However, what I was pointing out rather was the fast-paced, modern culture that gave rise to her initial character archetype than Sumire herself. If you look at the way her peers were, you'd get a good idea of what I'm poking at. I'm talking about the sort of people that see love as a convenience. They expect cheap and easy gratification without putting in any effort, so they make a habit of giving up upon encountering any obstacle.

On the other hand, while she is living up to the meaning and intent of the hundred poems, there are still clear traces of the culture that brought her up that end up clashing with the new lifestyle she's trying to adopt.
Ok, I see what you're saying.

Anyway, I thought the conflict in ideas between Sumire and Kanade was interesting in that that Kanade enjoys in the poems strictly in the historical sense (Kanade's playing the role of the observer), whereas Sumire is wants to experience what the poems have been expressing, but "modernized" in the 21st century.

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BTW, did anyone else think "you bastard!" when Taichi held Sumire's hand? I know he wasn't actually trying to manipulate her but was just genuinely happy on Chihaya's behalf, but still.
Actually, I thought it was somewhat out of character for him.
I'm trying to remember the last time Taichi was ever thankful to anyone, so this seems to be an interesting development on his behalf.
Perhaps Chihaya's ideals are rubbing off on him (heck, maybe he's becoming more like Harada-sensei with how grateful Harada-sensei felt when he encountered the original trio).
(Plus, it didn't require Taichi or Chihaya to grovel to convince the new members to join, since Kanade did the dirty work )
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