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Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I realized Sumire is probably the type of girl I wouldn't get along with in high school because we were very different, except at the same time I am no longer in high school so I can see Sumire for what she is a realistic teenage girl.

I can't really blame her for not being completely mature because as a teenager she shouldn't have to be. The moment when she walked back in that room with Kana, asked if she could study the poems, and cut her nails did show signs of maturity. It will be interesting to watch her growth for sure.

Still not my favorite character but I certainly like her a lot more in this episode.
This is funny to me because while I thought you might have been coming down a little hard on Sumire last episode, I ended up really hating her behavior in this episode .

This show does seem to have a penchant for introducing characters in an unfavorable light before going on to develop them into likable people. I hope the same is true of Sumire but for some reason I get the feeling that I just might never like her as a character.
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