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Actually, I thought it was somewhat out of character for him.
I'm trying to remember the last time Taichi was ever thankful to anyone, so this seems to be an interesting development on his behalf.
Perhaps Chihaya's ideals are rubbing off on him (heck, maybe he's becoming more like Harada-sensei with how grateful Harada-sensei felt when he encountered the original trio).
(Plus, it didn't require Taichi or Chihaya to grovel to convince the new members to join, since Kanade did the dirty work )
My take of that scene is that Chihaya had been very down because all the members are gone. So when Sumire shows up Taichi is overjoyed so Chihaya don't need to feel down anymore. It had little to do with "an extra member showing up" but "Chihaya don't need to be sad anymore", which is in character of Taichi that he will do anything to make Chihaya happy.
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