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Oh, I'm ok on Chitose--we find out at various points that she's a B-list model, struggling to make a living (she's living at home, after all), with dreams of getting financial security for the family by making it onto one of the classical Japanese TV shows. She's not very nice to Chihaya, but she does care for her family.
Well the anime hasn't done a good job of showing this. Instead it displays Chitose as vain and self centered.

The one character I really don't get is Taichi's mom. I don't think she ever is shown to be other than Ms. Pressure. She confuses me, since she contradicts the rule that Suetsugu is sympathetic on one level or the other to all her characters.
I can see Taichi's mom as sympahthic in a sense. I am sure she does want the best for Taichi, she just probably doesn't realize what she thinks is the best is quite the opposite.
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