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I think part of the reason is because the animation looks better than the previous generation of the show and the voice acting. That's just my personal opinion on it though. I have no idea why there is a large male audience I really don't...I heard its made for the whole family therefore they didn't make it too too girly but I still don't understand why. Meh
Among some of the reasons why there's a big male following to the show:

1. The show's concept is similar to those "slice of life" cartoons that were popular in the 1990's (i.e. Recess, Rugrats), resulting in a nostalgia feel to those people who grew up at that time;

2. There's a lot of great humor in this show both visually and verbally that's similar to the Golden Age of cartoons (i.e. Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry);

3. In a time where most of the popular cartoons for adults are starting to feel stale, Friendship is Magic comes off as a nice alternative (and definitely less mean-spirited).
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