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I probably wouldn't have too much to worry about with the xbone. I have stable high speed internet and I usually don't buy games second hand. The thing is, I'm not comfortable contributing to a bad business practice, but I think my biggest quip on launch would be the price. I got a used PS3 for $175 recently and some older big name games for a fraction of the cost of a new game. It's a fairly old console now but the other big advantage (and the reason I bought it now) is the huge library of games.

As far as the current xbone lineup looks, only a few games caught my eye and only one was actually an exclusive (if it's available on PC, I'd rather get that). So I think if I'm ever going to get an xbone, it would be pending my ability to accept the drm policies, and how far down in price it goes as well as the exclusive library lineup.
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