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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
As opposed to every other console, where only 1 person can play each game at the same time?
Like when you wanna have ten of your friends play online on separate boxes and you have to have 10 consoles, and 10 games? That's so much easier.

Look. There are plenty of things to question about the Xboxone sharing model. Like whether the friend restrictions on the sharing make up for physical trading. Or if the limits on the number of friends would be an issue. But seriously. But lets not mindlessly complain about it not letting dozens of people remotely play a game, when no other console in existence has done that. That one feature is a pretty big innovation. Maybe it doesn't make up for all the Xboxone's shortcoming (incluing the sharing model itself), but it's immature to just write it off going by impossible standards.
Cool concept, but if publishers are not forced to enable this feature for their games, chances are the games you CAN share would be super limited. You could say better than none, sure. Lets count on their kinect dance titles.

And yes, I totally forgot that this only applies to single player mode. Multiplayer still requires an individual copy.

Then we don't know the restrictions on the "family list". Is the list permanent or do you have to wait 30/60/90 days to change the people on the list? If permanent and all the people on your list ends up moving out of the country/state and decided not to game anymore, your family list ends up being completely useless?
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