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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
Via Gamasutra:
The direction that Cerny decided against is precisely the one that the Xbone took.

As for better multi-platform games, the more powerful the console, the better the graphics are going to be. The PS4 is about 1.5x the power of the Xbone, so the difference there is pretty significant. Early on, Sony's superior development tools may make a difference as well. It's not wishful thinking - it's math.
This doesn't mean much. Cerny is obviously partial when referring to the PS4 architecture. What he says makes sense, but without knowing exactly what are the developing tools from both consoles, this is still remains wishful thinking, not math.

I'm still waiting for some expert on the architectures to do a more technical and detailed review, and without bias. Yet without knowing the developing tools, there is no way to have a certainty about it.

I prefer to wait for the launch and really see the truth of the matter firsthand. And not to be making hasty judgments about facts not too solids.

Well, anyway I'll be on PC this generation. So long as they make games for PC, I'm glad.
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