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When I was younger around the ages 4-12, my only impression of anime was basically Dragonball Z, Yu-gi-oh! and Pokemon... and maybe some Sailor Moon for god knows why, but for some reason it's in my memory.

Since childhood, and when I was 13, I haven't really watched anime or manga ever since.

The very first actual Japanese anime that I've ever watched was Valkyria Chronicles, about a year ago during the summer in April. The game that said anime is based off of got me find an appreciation and newfound liking for the artstyle that remained concurrent with a lot of animes. While, I've seen reviews that the VC anime isn't so good, it was my first Japanese-spoken anime I've watched, and I loved it. Then it all got uphill from there, as I found myself introduced to a whole new culture of entertainment, often stumbling upon new series by accident, and finding myself having a love of new stories and worlds and characters...

So, compared to some of you, I'm a late-blooming Otaku. I've been seriously watching anime for about a year and a half now...
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