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Originally Posted by NoSanninWa
Kind of his fault? I'd say that it is mostly his fault. And he isn't messed up because he got sent to a dif dimension. He was exactly the same in his home city. (Albeit for slightly different reasons.) The fact is that Zed's just a jerk. He can't help pissing people off in every dimension. If he was online he'd be flaming everyone with his posts and then wondering why he got banned.
Yes Zed is an asshole, but the adults must share the blame for his deliquency. An absent father, a deranged homicidal jelly-fish obsessed mother and an oppressive society to which Zed (like most teenagers) is forced to conform without being understood. No wonder he's violent and sullen.

Even in Tempula, the adults just make things worse. Jikko does the worst possible thing - gives Zed a sword and sends him on his merry way. Some wise man he. Actually, that's just bad writing more than anything else...

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