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Yeah, a couple more episodes would be nice, but you can't do that with a television series. There are time slots to be filled. One can always hope they release a few OVA later, but otherwise they would have to drag it out to 26 episodes and you know that would be a whole different series.

You think Seiji-kun should have said "I love you too" instead of "I know"? I am not sure. He said all she needed to hear. He may not even have known his own feelings for her, except that he kinda missed her. Was that love or just habit? He may not even have known himself at that time.

As for the LOVE scarf, if he had been wearing it that day, Midori would still not remember and she would think he had gotten it from someone else. This could have made her lose hope; she had a hard enough time confessing as it was. Not to mention there would be a lot of explaining to all he met. There is no way he could wear that scarf. Mad dogs don't wear LOVE scarves!
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