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I loved the ending! I mean, it would have been a bad taste if Seiji ended up with Ayase. ...haha.... ooops

Yeah, she only noticed him after he saved her; she played the role of damsel in distress, and what she might have caught after that, was just nothing but a serious doze of infatuation.

I mean, they were classmates, and all she ever did was bitchslapped him with her preachings about being [a] egotistic/bully. Yeah, talk about judging a person basing solely on their reputation. Is to me, a sign of a weak character.

And quite frankly, compared to Midori, who has only glanced him from afar & has loved him for ages, rightfully deserved the grand prize.

Plus, I like Midori. She reminds me of Hinata from Naruto.

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