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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
(Well, I should say, the entire idea of reading through an entire long novel just to get a few CGs seems entirely foreign to me as well; it sounds like a poorly-conceived stereotype, but I guess I can't say that it might not be true for some.)
*coughs* You're speaking to a woman who's actually guilty of doing that. I suppose it's not that easy for a VN with an actual engrossing plot like Umineko, but for your typical eroge it's very VERY easy to ignore the plot altogether (as most of the time they're cookie-cutter) and just look for gratification.

I sure as darned breezed through To- Heart 2 for that reason. Ditto for the special disc. And December, When there are no Angels. And Tasogare...

Mind, White Album and To-Heart share the same publisher, Leaf. Egads. It's not engrossing literature by a mile.
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