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*coughs* You're speaking to a woman who's actually guilty of doing that. I suppose it's not that easy for a VN with an actual engrossing plot like Umineko, but for your typical eroge it's very VERY easy to ignore the plot altogether (as most of the time they're cookie-cutter) and just look for gratification.

I sure as darned breezed through To- Heart 2 for that reason. Ditto for the special disc. And December, When there are no Angels. And Tasogare...

Mind, White Album and To-Heart share the same publisher, Leaf. Egads. It's not engrossing literature by a mile.
Well, I guess I just figure that if you were just after the CGs themselves, there have got to be more efficient ways to that end (the artbooks, if nothing else...). Granted that I haven't played many games by Leaf (only bits and pieces of a few), but I don't think I could take the effort to read through a story if I didn't find it at least somewhat interesting (and wouldn't buy a game if I didn't think it would interest me). I suppose there's always CTRL, but... Given that stories in the medium tend to be getting more complex and involved nowadays, I'm led to believe that many in the audience are in fact interested in reading it (otherwise it would seem a poor investment), but I guess I have no way of knowing that as an absolute fact.

Regardless, though, this game comes from a different era with different expectations, so it's hard to know how exactly how it was perceived at the time in the context of what else was out there.
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