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Judging from the scene (With the water levels and such) The damage stretches real far. I can't imagine there not being causalities. Who knows, maybe she was referring to the people outside the city.
Look, in time line 4 Walpurgis is defeated, yet the giant magical tree that comes with it didn't disappear. Is that really the city then, or are we still inside the barrier?? I don't know, and there's really no way to be sure for now!

So my point is, Walpurgis is a pretty mysterious element in the story. Heck, there's even a card and description for witch Madoka, but not for Walpurgis.

Overall, Walpurgis is so ambiguous an existence that you can't be sure about anything about it. I definitely won't speculate about it myself. It's a waste of time at this point, IMO.

You think for sure the city is destroyed? Well, I don't think so, not at all, considering Madoka's behaviour and words when she's about to sacrifice her life. Let's agree to disagree if you want.
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