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Isn't Haganai supposed to be airing this fall too?
Yep, and I'm definitely catching it.

Not to mention, the list left out Gundam AGE as well for those Gundam fans out there (whether they want to just makes jokes out of it or just watch it b/c it's Gundam).

For me...
Haganai - I've been waiting for this for awhile...
Gundam AGE - The story may turn out serious, but if not, I'm so using this as something to joke on...
Ika II - Duh...
Working 2 - Duh...
Fate/Zero - Just b/c it's Fate/... series...
Shana III - Time to go back to first 2 seasons...been a LONG time
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - Will probably read the novel before I really decide whether I'll watch it or not

Tamayura - From summary sounds like those high-school slice of life (Which I usually watch just for the sake of it...), but I heard the OAV was boring, though
Guilty Crown - Just maybe...(Doubtful, though, with so many series already up on "Will watch" list...)

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