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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post

If new updates on the Wikia are to be believed, those two Eclipse Drivers that confronted Veyron and Arnage are wielders of the "replica dividers" and captured the 5th Strosek to take her to their "sponsor"(Vandin Corp.).

Well, at least is now clear that Veyron and Arnage didn't fought those guys out of the goodness of their hearts, those are just their preys as Curren is pursuing the Divider/Book replicas as also their creators.
Now I know! That's the reason why they want Strosek under the pseudonym "Fifth" was. What are Huckies do like that, just like a brat who snatch the candy or ice cream from small children, right?

Originally Posted by Koveras Alvane View Post
Source: Some guy in Japan whom I have roped into contributing to the English wiki.
Thanks for the information. I appreciate it
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