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Originally Posted by PCheshire View Post
sigh... anyone mind spoiling someone? least describe the mc a bit more detailed
<-demanding much
Describe the mc?

If you are familiar with Kamachi's main series Index then he's pretty much cut from the same cloth as Kamijou and Hamazura. Saying this much should give you some idea.

If you are NOT familiar with the Index series, then the mc can be best described using three words- goofy, dependable and innovative. He's a pretty funny guy especially when partner with his best friend, they're like one of those buddy cop duos. But at the same time they're a reliable bunch that you can count on to do the craziest things and succeed. Kamachi likes his heroes to be creative thinkers, rather than overpowered monsters. I've only seen the manga, but basically in the span of those 5 chapters, the mc and his buddy took out a giant mecha all by themselves, without using another mecha. Imagine taking out a Gundam without using another overpowered mech.

(EDIT: Apparently, those five chapters equal to only the first chapter of the LN -_-)

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