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Not quite. The fake IS frames ofcourse come with a standardized model. However specialized astro switches can give them a unique weapon and maybe even form. For example, Fourze's astro switches.

Currently, the normal astro switch manufactured by the enemy and used by them in general would be the Black Box Switch. This is a plain black switch that when connected to the Cosmic Computer of an IS frame, just provides a set amount of cosmic energy to it. Much like a battery. The frame in general would be designed mostly similar to the Rafael Revive as an all around combat unit.

The enemy would eventually develop more advanced astro switches of their own based on Fourze's switches in their possession and adapt the module system of Fourze.

To properly explain. The enemy units can be divided into 3 parts. The IS frame; the Cosmic Computer, and the astro switch.

Generally, a fake IS frame doesn't require an astro switch to activate. Within the IS frame is a set of capacitors for cosmic energy. One can deploy their IS frame as one would a normal IS so long as there is still cosmic energy to spare within the frame. Unlike normal situations, these false IS are normally tuned like personal machines.

The Cosmic Computers replace the IS cores and serve to manage all the functions of the IS. Data processing, AI support, etc. However, it does more than just that. The Cosmic Computer can be located by a special slot on the IS, active or closed form, where the Astro switch can be placed. By placing the astro switch there, the fake IS can absorb cosmic energy necessary for IS' activation or to access the functions of the astro switch itself.

Astro switches generally serve as the power source of the fake IS, however they are also capable of preserving information. Having a system similar to that of the equalizer system, the switches allow special equipment to be kept inside them in the form of energy. Sometimes, this energy is so powerful that it goes beyond its original parameters and modifies whatever the switch is attatched to instead of just providing the equipment. This is called a States Change.

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