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Originally Posted by Voitan View Post
This is what I'm going to feel a little uncomfortable about. They're good friends but what they're doing is a bit misguided.

For Ryuuji, in his perspective, his good lot he's developing with Minori is for nothing, and he'll be expected to settle for Taiga because it's Minori and Kitamura's wish. That doesn't feel very natural for a relationship to come together. Taiga and Ryuuji coming together would be fine if Ryuuji also wanted it to be that way, but as this charade begins blocking Ryuuji's aims for Minorin, there is going to inevitably be bruised hearts for no darn good reason.

Yes, no darn good reason at all!
Exactly. And this point when it's early, it does make Minori and Yuusaku look bad. However in later versions, it Taiga and Ryuuji still might see it.

But this is what I hate about THIS kind of matchmaking in anime. People are putting two people together for their own kind of personal enjoyment. Or they believe they think it's the right thing. When it really isn't. Relationships don't work that way and Taiga and Ryuuji should like each other because they know it.

(However, matchmaking is exceptable in some cases if one person knows about it. For example, if Yuusaku promised to put Ryuuji in a situation so she would get close to Minori, that would make sense)
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