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Originally Posted by Gravi-T
Still, it's another demon who is trying to make hell-in-heaven (or whatever), just like Aion. So it doesn't matter if it's not Aion and a person who seeks destruction, it's still the same; just another person.

I think Aion's reincarnation meant that there is a part of evil in all of us. Chaos brings order and vice versa. The Yin & Yang or whatever you may call it.
That's what I think.. more like where there is light, there is darkness. That kind of concept.

I think when good dies, it reborns again, same with evil.. But, if this is true, it's sad, just like the Chrno and Rosette thingy.

I miss Satella the most, and Fiore Eh, everyone had to die =/
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