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Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Read the laws of Thermodynamics in more detail and come back later.
I did, however I could not find an explanation for how a form of energy can deliver kinetic damage to certain physical objects while delivering no such damage to others.

Example: Nanoha blasting her way through no less than 5 bulkheads, completely obliterating the bridge Quattro stands on, and yet having Quattro come out with little more than dusted clothing and a KO.

Last I checked kinetic damage wasn't known for being picky. Which is my point. There are some things magic can do that aren't in the physics books.

In other news, re-viewing episode 25 revealed that there were stealth drones present at the battle with the Redshirts. Looks like the Nalemess Hordes of the TSAB aren't so incompetent after all.
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