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There's two problems here.

First is that we haven't seen "enough" of the Nanohaverse to divine its laws of magic. Clearly they're capable of subverting physical laws through magic. But we don't know what kind of operating principles underlie that magic, beyond the barest thumbnail sketch. To be fair, not even the people IN the show fully understand magic, because of the presence of Lost Logia, which clearly work but in ways that nobody understands.

The second difficulty is that we can't draw precise conclusions even from the things we DO see. Despite Ark's obsession with stadia ranging, the fact is that we're viewing a dramatic production that happily plays with the time scale to produce dramatic effects, and in addition it's not a particularly high-budget one, which means that there's an inherent error factor present in ANY measurement we might take. Reality doesn't screw up, so if a scientist sees it, he can at least say he saw it. Nanohaverse reality does screw up. ;p
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