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And When someone here can show me a blatent violation of Thermodynamics 0, 1 , 2, or 3... we can simply dismiss everything as 'a Wizzard did it'.

The functions of thermodynamics are so ingrained in our understanding of the fundamentals of order, that I've never actually seen a piece of fiction, even of High Fantasy, that has ever violated it as part of the general course of things.

The First and Second Laws being violated would actually be Plot Killers.

The first laws says you can't get something from nothing. Even the high magic users have to do something to get the spells that seem really epic compared to them to work. Either sacrifice the virgin or expend energy over time... Not even conjuring things from thin air violates it... note the 'thin air'.

The secondly makes it absolutely clear that you cannot reduce entropy in a closed system, and if you do, you're not a closed system, but causing an increase in entropy of the system around you. Otherwise a mere thought could undo damage and bring people back from the dead... essentially reverse everything that has occured without disturbing anything.

The only entities I can think of in all of fiction capable of bending, let alone violating Thermodynamics, are the Qs in Star Trek, and the occaisional Random Omnipotent Being of a particular story... Maybe Haruhi with her ability to cause 'unconditional information' with subconcious thoughts.

But in general, the violation of Thermodynamics instantly makes that character a god without limits in the universe.
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