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Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Not prohibited by the laws of physics.
So terminating your existence in one place and remaking it in another is physically possible? Sign me up for a course.

Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
No such law. Mass is Energy. Energy is Mass. E=MC^2 Violation of that would be a violation of Thermodynamics 1. Objects brought into existence are generated from energy and the conversion of existing local mass.
Yuuno. Ferret form.

Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Done every day in the real world non-stop.
Explain, last I checked the existence of alternate dimensions is still little more than a theory.

Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
Not violations of physics.

Also not violations of physics.
... Point, except for selective kinetic damage. It blatantly ignores Newtons first law of motion on several occasions, passing through bodies and ignoring the force applied to it. Heck, Divine Buster Extension is literally stated to be able to ignore this law.

ディバインバスター・エクステンション – Divine Buster ・ Extension
A 「Bombardment spell」 fired and effected from Mana.
Mana concentrated to high density allows the target to be hit directly at long range, with no decrease in power over distance.
The first offensive spell that Nanoha memorized, after 10 years it has remained one of her favorites, and has also become one of her specialty spells.

No loss of power over distance. I suppose I don't have to explain to you what this means? Unlimited. Effin. Range. Seriously, why didn't I realize this before? There go all the 'magic has short range' debates.

Of course, magic as it stands already ignores the law of gravity, and allows mages to do the same.

Oh, and I do sharply recall getting the 'physics say this is impossible' argument thrown towards my head when talking about the physical endurance of a mage.

Originally Posted by AdmiralTigerclaw View Post
And all of them aren't violations of the laws of physics. They're violations of common sense and practicable engineering, chemistry, and biology as we understand them to be plausable in modern society. But fundamentally, all are perfectly possible.
But if this is the case, then why is every time we get into one of our debates on the strength of offensive or defensive magic, one of the first things to generally get mentioned is 'this isn't according to physics?'

Oh yes, I just remembered, the Cradle violated the first law of thermodynamics with its reactor core. An artificial and by all known means eternal source of energy, self sustaining to the point where it can even regenerate itself.

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