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Lost Logia appear to function more along the lines of traditional magic--unpredictable, wild, uncontrollable and ultimately dangerous. The Mid-Childan and Belkan magic styles are Magic A is Magic A--they follow their own internal rule set, regardless of whether they break the laws of physics or not.

I've always defined "magic" as a phenomenon which doesn't adhere to the laws of reality. Nanohaverse magic certainly fits.

As for a more detailed explanation of how Nena possesses magic resistance, it is non-canon of course since magic resistance is not present in the canon Nanohaverse.

Nena's Linker Core is different than most people's. It has an opposing polarity to the normal Linker Core--a sort of "anti-magic" property that absolutely prevents her from using any magic of her own. In such a manner, it acts as a focused, localized anti-magic field.

This is something of a double-edged sword as direct magical scans of Nena will turn up nothing, since the magic is negated upon entering her body. If the TSAB were to set up multiple active magical "pinging" devices in a given area, they could fix Nena's position much in the same way that Celestial Being was found in Gundam 00 using active two-way comm devices.
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