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Originally Posted by Apterous
Group: Sailor Spork Productions

Looking for raw providers for older titles:
-VS Knights Lamune & 40 FIRE (VS騎士ラムネ&40 炎)
-Cutey Honey (original 1973 version).

We could also use translators, at least for Cutey Honey (since Lamune will basically be a remaster / edit of HECTO's old 'subbed from low quality 5th generation japanese TV source' version), but we need raws first. DVD-rips prefered, but I won't be picky. In Lamune's case, anything with no tracking lines and static would be a vast improvement...
Still looking for a providor for these raws, but also looking for a provider for raws for CLAMP's music videos "Double X" and "CLAMP in Wonderland" since we already did "Wish." Looking to fill out the set, but raws for these are rare.
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