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Wrote this, >.> somewhat the first 8pages of v2 in a summary in case anyone likes to read. Might continue if I have time to do more >.> sorry for any mistakes >.<

The story starts out right after the events with Kyoko with Ayumu sitting in class, having Math as sixth hour. It's Friday, June 30 today. 4 days have passed since Kyoko's been missing.
Kyoko was a serial killer who's presence was concealed, and up until now, her whereabouts have not been known yet. Lesson ends and Ayumu who stops thinking of his killer because it depressed him, meets up with Orito, they discuss the future and Orito annoys Ayumu to pay more attention to school because of bad grades. Somehow recognizing his point, Ayumu packs his math book and goes home where he changes into his plain clothes and looks into the living room. As usual, the girls were around the table looking at the plasma television. What they were watching was a program called the Golden Show The program was a well known topic in school. Since Eu, with the usual cool face, was concentrating on the teacup, Ayumu decides to take the opportunity to study for his test here since Necromancer Eu seemed fairly knowledgeable and the bloodsucking vampire Sera was pretty capable of using her head. Ayumu puts his focus on Haruna.

"As for Haruna.. who was a masou shoujo- well you could say she's that. Yes she's definitely that."

Ayumu left and came back to the room once more, bringing monday's huge obstacle; a collection of the most difficult math problems. Just before starting, Haruna asks him what he's doing.

Ayumu: "It's study, for next week's test"
Haruna: "Test? For what?"

Haruna tilts her head up. Eu poors tea and ticks the table twice. She takes out her favorite ball-point pen and places it on top of the memo.

[Perhaps endurance]

Inside of Ayumu's imagination: [It's almost certainly a very strong test~!]

Haruna: "It has to be an collision experiment"
Ayumu: "Don't talk nonsense. You'd think i'd receive such a test?"
Sera: "It's a written examination"

Sera, aware of this world's circumstances, alone easily explained it. Ayumu who took Orito's advice, flips open the first page while feeling a gaze of curiosity. I'll start with the first problem:

- Think small, ... long consideration.
- Impossible, .... pointless.

To Ayumu in his present state, it already seemed impossible for him to start from the first page.

Ayumu: "Sera, about studying-"

I called out to the blood sucking ninja who seemed to be most intellectual about this kind of matters, but she sensed what I wanted to say, and Sera said:

Sera: "If it's ancient writing or geography, then I think I might be of little help"

There was this image where a ninja seemed to be well versed with study, but it can't be helped at the moment. The test for the national language and social studies was the second day. I decided to ask for Sera's help some other time. For the time being, let's ask Eu- NO WAIT

Ayumu: "Haruna, You're for certain... a genius or wasn't that the setting?"

That's right. Haruna was certainly a "genius". She's a masou shoujo after all.

Haruna: "Don't say setting! Are you making fun of me?"

With her mouth open, she was staring tense at Ayumu as if she saw a ghost.

Ayumu: "No, you're really reliable. Though this problem is slightly-"

I tried to show it to Haruna and then,

Haruna: "This is √3 - √2, right"

It was an immediate answer. EH-? Is she really a genius?

Ayumu "...what about the formula?"

While she leans the head to the other side, I ask again,

"How you did you manage to get this answer?"

Haruna lets out a sigh.

Haruna: "1+1 is?"

Ayumu: "Huh?"

This time it was my turn to lean my head.

Haruna: "Answer already, 1+1 is"

Ayumu: 2

Haruna: 2 x 2 is?

Ayumu: 4

"The formula is?"

This person, did she memorize the answer?

Ayumu: "There ain't... a formula"

Haruna: "See?" [me: I didn't understand what Ayumu thought afterwards but the point is, she doesn't need a way to get to the answer so thro this he acknowledged her as a genius]

Ayumu: "But if I don't write how I got the answer, I won't get any points for it."

Haruna: "Haa!? You've the answer already, don't screw around"

That's what's been told to me.

Haruna flings a collection of problems straight to the desk to swat an insect down.

Ayumu: "In addition, I want to understand how to solve it. Teach it properly from the beginning"

Haruna: "...I, I understand, even though it'll be very bothersome"

Oh? I thought i'd needed to push more but she's unexpectedly more obedient then I thought.

That moment, I had underestimated Haruna's natural gift.

Haruna: "So, according to the supernova explosion" [me: Haruna is using space logic to explain things to Ayumu]

I told you clearly "Teach me properly from the beginning"


Ow and regarding Chris, Ayumu vowed to beat her since she stole Haruna's magic. His only problem was the way how to beat Chis which only Kyoko knows who they tried to bait her, but I haven't read up to that yet.

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