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Disguising? Everybody that saw her fight knew what her power was.
I think Keroko was refering to the disguissed contents of her bag, albeit that also could be related to the fact that she escaped from her home and doesn't want to de identified by her device and fight-style.

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And if she's not allowed to use Puffy, would that mean that later chapters she ill be using Strike Cannon instead?
It could go in any way. She's currently training with a Strike Cannon but Nanoha showed interest on her unique fight-style and commented on letting Cinque and Wendy train her in improving her own style.

Which brings me to the question, are the number's abilities legalized under speciall permission? I mean, the likes of Nove, Deed and Otto can be somehow handwaved but Cinque posses a very physical and lethal power as she is, after all, the knife-nut loli version of Gambit.

Originally Posted by Tiresias View Post
No mention on whether having magic as power base or not matter. The concern is in the effects of the weapon. And none of the AEC's has been stated to have a non-lethal setting, only Bardiche's upgrade has that.
Yup, that's the main controversy around the AEC weapons, they're dancing on the line of the mass-based weapons prohibition. Even Teana lampshades this in Ch. 17 by pointing out the legal troubles her "new weapon" is having to finally get to her hands. Teana with a reall gun/cannon will be as lethal(if not more) as Cinque.
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