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Well, Ch. 18 got miraculously translated in spanish(these people are really quick and constant xD) so here's the traditional summary:

Spoiler for Slice of Military life?:
I self quoted myself because once again new stuff got tranlated in spanish so this this is my traditional(unwanted?) summary xD Let's begin!

Spoiler for A tale of two Eclipses:

....the excuse of the Hucks starts to take shape and apparently Veyron have a knack for having a bloody face and screwing arms in battle xDU. Hucks really hate fakes and don't want anyone to mess with their job. So far, Vandin and Caledfwich are apparently independet from each other(but they already acknowledge the existence of the other) and things get more shady. Curren's "Big Family Reunion" is just around the corner. Let's see what happens.
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