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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
In F/SN, Rin was disappointed she drew Archer, and there were a couple times when she asked him to do something and he responded, "Uh, Archers don't have that ability," so she probably had a relic but someone else had already drawn the class she wanted.
No she didn't have a relic. She was hoping to boost her summoning by using the jewel and force the Saber class servant to become hers, but since all the clocks in her house were one hour fast she didn't do it in the time when her magic power would be at it's highest (1AM I think, or was it midnight?).

But since she had a "relic" if you could call it that, she would probably have gotten archer even if she hadn't screwed up her summoning. He probably would just have appeared normally in front of her like the others instead of him falling through the roof
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