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Despite how much this series has rocked, I just have a few criticisms, mainly regarding the old characters.

The show is titled Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's, but Nanoha herself did not appear to change or grow over the course of this series. In the first show we got to see her deal with the changes that come about with suddenly gaining magical powers, but in this season she was pretty much a static character. We didn't exactly find out anything new, nor did she grow as a person.
Fate got slightly more attention. We got to see her discomfort around Lindy, and then in episode 11 we learned a whole lot, and she moved on from her past. However, we didn't exactly get to see anything special about her relationship with Nanoha. It just felt like the two were copies of each other, and neither ended up doing anything that was not mirrored by the other.
Arf and Yuuno were almost completely useless, being even more alike in their roles than Nanoha and Fate. Yuuno didn't get to kick ass or do anything special, and Arf got shafted out of her fight scenes with Zafira.
As for Chrono, Lindy, and Amy, no complaints. They didn't gain or lose anymore attention than they got in season 1.

If there is a season 3, then I hope that they focus more on Nanoha. She is the title character, after all.
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