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Originally Posted by hcl4
*Note I have only seen up to ep 7*

How come Hayate doesn't seem to think the Book of Darkness is well, evil? I mean its called Book of Darkness. Sounds kind of evil to me. Or does she just doesn't know the book's name? I think I need to rewatch a few episodes to make sure.
Since everyone here is too obsessed with the raws and inconsiderate of those watching only the fansubs, I guess I'll have to answer -- this is sort of explained in episode 8 (which will be released soon), but she does know the Book's name as of episode 6 which flashbacked to when the guardian knights first appeared before her and stuff. I don't know why she's more freaked out by it, but the knights did promise that they wouldn't do anything bad with it and just live peacefully together with her also as said in episode 6, which is probably why she's not too frightened or scared of what it can do. She knows it can hurt people, but if its not used that way (which she thinks right now), there's not much to worry about.
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