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Originally Posted by SoloPanda View Post
there's more than one?

if she is wendy should curb stomp her with her new moves. (that's just what i'd want to happen)
Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
When was it ever mentioned there were two sky dragon slayers? Even though there are two Grandine in the Fairy Tail world, one is a dragon and the other human.
Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
Don't you need a cat to be a true DS?
I missed my point. When the time skip had just happened
There was a chapter where Rogue and Sting were talking. I think they've mentioned that there was another new generation dragon slayer besides the 2 of em. Which is the sky one I think.

sorry my question wasn't clear. I never really gave the question much thought
kk2extreme's point is right though. All of the natural dragon slayers so far have Exceeds with em.

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