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Theoretically speaking...Dragon Slayer magic is just like any other, pretty much any mage should be able to use it, the problem is that only dragons (and other DS) know how to use it, so only they can teach it (or resort to lachryma infusion). In other words, DS magic, just like any other, isn't something people are born with but something they learn to use.

That said, I believe DS magic usage differs from element to element as well as how one learns it, but the basics of DS magic should be the same for every element. It would make sense for Natsu, who is already quite proficient at using true DS magic, to apply what he knows from his own element into another element and change it according to how he felt when using it with Luxus' help. Not only that but Fire and Lightning are two very similar elements, which would make it easier to adapt his current knowledge of fire DS into lightning DS. It would have been different if say, Wendy used Gajeel's metal DS magic once and then tried to learn it because those elements are on completely different sides of the spectrum, which would make the more difficult. Gajeel on the other hand could learn how to use earth or stone DS magic should one DS ever show up and share his magic with him like Luxus, because the elements are similar.

I also suspect that this is something that only First Generation Dragon Slayers are capable of doing. Second and Third Generation Dragon Slayers have lachryma of their element infused into their bodies, which could end up rejecting the foreign element violently.
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