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Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
I thought it was obvious? Or did you expect them to keep going on like Fairy Tail/ One Piece/etc?

Seems like Noumi leaked some info about the shower room, but Haru took it really well, big difference from the first few episodes. On second thought, it can only be on the level of rumour, if they had concrete evidence that the camera belongs to Haru, he'd be definitely suspended or even expelled.
Noumi took bad guy middle school niveau to new heights, Arata looks gentle in comparison.

Haru goes nearly berserk, seems like foreshadowing for future episodes/season.
Niko makes a comeback, and we finally get the maid. I wonder if Niko is the maid's parent?
There're more than five volumes you know o-o Five is actually pretty conservative for a series with 12 volumes to work with.
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